Boomerang (Central and Eastern Europe)

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Boomerang is a Central and Eastern European pay television channel feed which focuses on animated programming for children. This feed is broadcast in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Russia and the CIS countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, the Balkans, Baltics and Caucasus countries. On 4 January 2023, it was announced the channel will be transformed completely into Cartoonito on 18 March 2023.

Why will it be replaced?[edit]

  • Few premieres for the channel: Boomerang CEE only premiered new series for Cartoonito's children's block, so that would be enough to replace it with Cartoonito, since without new acquired or original series for all the audiences that Boomerang has, it would not make sense to keep it as Boomerang.
  • Uselessness: Already at this rate, Boomerang is already a useless channel due to the 2014 rebrand, going from being a rerun channel to being a "junk" secondary channel of Cartoon Network with its own very bad original series, which would cause little by little soon be forgotten and neglected.
  • Because Warner Bros. Discovery wanted to bring Cartoonito to the Central and Eastern European region: This of replacing Boomerang with Cartoonito happened in Spain in 2011 and in Latin America in 2021, it will already happen with CEE on March 18, 2023 and in MENA on March 25, 2023, thus signifying the beginning of the end of Boomerang worldwide, as happened with Disney XD a long time ago. As the Cartoonito block was a success on the channel and all its programming consisted of it, it was better to rebrand Boomerang as Cartoonito than to make it a separate channel, since CEE is made up of many European countries, it would be very expensive to do so.

Probability of returning[edit]

As will be replaced by cartoonito, as previously happened in Latin America, it is unlikely that I will return to central and eastern Europe in the future. Most likely, Boomerang can return to developed and economically good countries of that area such as Germany, Holland, Slovakia, etc., as separate channels.

After a year with Warner Bros. Discovery canceling series and movies and purging content of HBO Max, they now intend to shut down channels and replace them with other channels of their property, as it is in this case and with Boing in France.